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When the market changes, or shifts, many potential sellers and buyers experience fear and uncertainty which present themselves in the form of objections.

THE SHIFT has been created to provide you and your team with proprietary systems (stories, scripts, calculators, guides, worksheets and more) that can be used to overcome client objections caused by the fear and uncertainty in a changing market.

When this happens, you can easily refer to the module covering that specific threat and use the systems we’ve created to continue the conversation beyond the prospect’s objection.



The River of Real Estate

In this shifting market, you might find yourself bombarded by negative messaging—rates are high, inventory is stale, it’s a bad time to buy, and who knows what else!

But you don’t need to buy into those fears: The River of Real Estate is still flowing! Use these useful tools to calculate The River of Real Estate in your market and show your prospective clients why now is still a good time to buy or sell real estate!


interest rate offset

Interest Rate Offset System

Rates are the highest they’ve been in two decades! It’s no wonder your clients might be reluctant to buy when rates were just so low. What they probably don’t know is that there are incredible ways to offset their interest rates—and you can show them how it works!

With the Interest Rate Offset System, you can become the expert who knows how to quiet your clients’ high-interest fears!


Discount Point Rate Reduction Story-1

Discount Points Rate Reduction

It might be hard to inspire rate confidence in people when lower rates are so fresh in buyers’ minds. Are you aware of the various point buy-down options lenders have for mortgage rates? Your clients might not be.

With the Discount Points Rate Reduction System, you’ll become the expert in the different ways buyers can work with lenders and sellers to shave points off these higher rates. Helping buyers navigate this process is essential to building confidence and trust in a higher rate market and keeping those conversations and buying decisions moving forward.


New Construction Advantage System

New Construction Advantage System

In this SHIFTING market, buyers may be reluctant to consider new construction homes. What they may not realize is the need builders have to unload their inventory.

The New Construction Advantage System helps you educate your clients into the sorts of deals that can be made with new construction homes, including lower interest rates, concessions, and included upgrades. Using this system will help you help your clients find the confidence to move forward with that new build — even if they thought it was out of their reach in this market.