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Join Us October 7-8, 2024

Register now for the next 7-Figure Ridealong! Spots fill up fast!

What is the 7 Figure Ride Along?

Christy Buck and her team at Infinity Real Estate invite you to join them in Pearland, Texas while they show you what it takes to launch your team to 7 Figures. Here, you will learn about all of the tools and systems Christy and her team use to achieve and operate at a 7 figure level. 

Come and see for yourself how it’s done! This isn’t like any other event. Space is limited so we can spend time with those who are serious about taking their team to the next level. 


Infinity Real Estate Group

1000 Broadway Street, Suite 120, Pearland, TX

Infinity Real Estate Group



DAY 1 - Monday October 7, 2024: 8am-5pm
Please arrive a few minutes early to get your registration documents.
  • Light breakfast, snacks and lunch provided
  • Bring a sweater in case it is cold in the conference room
  • We will go over Systems, Processes and see our live huddle with the team
  • Join us for dinner - Floyds patio (cajun/seafood)
 DAY 2 - Tuesday October 8, 2024: 8am-5pm
  • Light breakfast, snacks and lunch provided
  • We will go over Marketing, Branding, Team Development and Break-out Sessions
  • No evening event

Travel Suggestions

Hobby Airport is 20 minutes away from the office and about 30 min from suggested hotels.

Intercontinental Airport is about 50 minutes away from the office and an hour from hotel suggestions

Suggested Hotels (closest to us)