Using 86-50-1. Read the handbook, build your Top 50 network and commit to meaningful monthly contact with each member, and track your activities and referrals using the Top 50 Tracker.

Who Is Your Top 50?  Your Top 50 is an elite group within your sphere of influence made of people who are likely to give you at least one referral during the next year. It isn’t your closest friends or family, necessarily; it’s people who have the ability and desire to refer you to their contacts.

Build Relationships. The secret to a solid referral business is cultivating real relationships. By staying in regular contact with your Top 50 through personal calls and notes, face-to-face meetings, and group events, you are laying a solid foundation of trust and reliability.

Stabilize Your Business. Developing a strong referral arm of your business is some of the best insurance you can have against fluctuating markets and other uncertainties. Creating a Top 50 network allows you to generate reliable, consistent referrals.