Free Resources - DSH-1

Using the DSH Tracker. Print it out or use the fillable PDF. Fill it out every day, making updates after completing tasks. Total your points at the end of the day and track your progress over time.

Focus on Real Work. In real estate, it is easy to feel busy without actually doing work that moves your business forward. The DSH Tracker was designed to help you focus on productive tasks and cut out the “fake” work that could otherwise fill your day.

61 Points of Rhythm. Want stability and a sense of rhythm in your business? Easy: just get 61 daily points on your DSH Tracker. Accumulating 61 points every day ensures you are consistently executing on essential dollar-producing activities.

What Are Dollar-Producing Activities? Dollar-producing activities encompass all work that goes into closing deals, including prospecting, showing, and negotiating. As a producing agent, focusing on other tasks diminishes your money-making potential.