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RocketFuel Is Designed To Launch Your Business Over $100K!

Introducing our new 12 month 12 step, group coaching program for real estate agents looking to build their business over $100k this year: RocketFuel for Real Estate. RocketFuel is a 12 step group coaching program that touches on different topics every month — all focused on how to grow your real estate business.
When you take advantage of this program, you’ll be giving yourself and your real estate business a jump-start to $100k you can’t get anywhere else.
With RocketFuel you get instant access to the Workman Success Systems training center which includes the highly rated
AMP, BAM, and SLAM courses! That’s over a $2,000 value!


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Meet Your RocketFuel Coach:

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Paul Sessum

Workman Success Systems Master Coach

Paul’s real estate began over fourteen years ago in the Los Angeles area where he was immediately one of the most active members in the San Fernando Valley Real Estate community.

Paul has been associated with Keller Williams Realty World Media Center since 2006. He joined the team as a Sales Agent and quickly became the Director of Training then advanced to be the Team Leader of the office for the next 9 years. In that time, Paul and the Team, grew the sales force to over 256 productive associates, became the largest office in the city of Burbank, number one in volume, number of units and oversaw more that $2.5Billion in sales and thousands of contracts. As an integrity-driven leader who thinks outside the box, he has a gentle, enthusiastic, no-nonsense approach to growth, commitment to excellence and productivity.

Paul resides in the Los Angeles area with his lovely and amazing wife of 25 years, Beth. She has graciously tolerated Paul for 30 years, patiently supporting his whims and encouraging his success. In 2017 he started to coach real estate associates nationwide under the direction of Workman Success Systems and continues to practice Real Estate in the dynamic and exciting Metropolis of Los Angeles.