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THE SHIFT: Success Systems for a Changing Market

When the market changes, or shifts, many potential sellers and buyers experience fear and uncertainty which present themselves in the form of objections.

THE SHIFT has been created to provide you and your team with proprietary systems (stories, scripts, calculators, guides, worksheets and more) that can be used to overcome client objections caused by the fear and uncertainty in a changing market.

When this happens, you can easily refer to the module covering that specific threat and use the systems we’ve created to continue the conversation beyond the prospect’s objection.


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Step 1: Re-Engage Buyers & Sellers 

Help your clients get off the fence and into a house. Get out of fear and on the market.


Step 2: Resurrect Dead Leads 

There's no such thing as "bad leads," just people that aren't ready yet. They say NO to what they don't KNOW.


Step 3: Gain Market Share 

Become the expert and gain an unfair competitive advantage.

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Step 4: Buy Now

The market is SHIFTING. Don't get left behind.


Shift and many more!
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